Building TypesEdit

There are different types of buildings that can be build in War of Mercenaries these are divided in the following types:


Resources are the most important thing in the War of Mercenaries game, without resources you can't do anything. In War of Mercenaries we know 4 different resources and each has its own specific use.


Functional building are necessary to be able to hire mercenaries and build an army. They are also needed for different other things like for example to train your mercenaries, to execute unwanted mercenaries, to build an alliance and much more


Defensive building are needed to defend your city against enemy forces. There are different Defensive Towers available, each with its own unique attacks.


These items are there to make your city nice, cooler and unique. These items do not block deployment, they do not block mercenaries and can't be used as walls. They are there only for decorative purposes.