"The perfect weapon to take over an enemy City. Hurl things into the enemy field to destroy buildings from above. Don't forget to upgrade this building to increase damage."

The catapult can be used to destroy important building in an enemy city, depending the catapult level you can select different type of attacks and different sizes of these attacks. You need to have resources to be able use the catapult. "CATAPULT WILL USE YOUR RESOURCES FOR EACH ATTACK" if you don't have enough resources you will not be able to use the Catapult attack.

After using one of the Catapult attacks, it will have a 10 minutes cooldown before you can use that Catapult attack again. This cooldown can be instantly reset with gold.

Catapults damage counts as previous damage when attacking a city for Battle Points be careful when you attack and keep in mind that catapult damage can cost you some precious points.

Level Lumber Cost Stone Cost Might Cost Iron Cost Gold Cost Req. CC Lvl Build Time
1 75000 75000 75000 - 103 3 1h30m
2 128600 128600 128600 - 148 4 3h
3 257200 257200 257200 - 232 5 6h

Available Attacks

Available attacks Catapult level 1 Cata1.1
Available attacks Catapult level 2  Cata2.1
Available attacks Catapult level 3 Cata3.1

Catapult Attacks

Lumber Salvo: Deals medium damage to a small area.
Hurling Stones: Deals heavy damage to a larger area
Mighty Rage: Buffs troops in a small area

Attack sizes

Lumber Salvo:
Small 10k Lumber
Medium 100k Lumber
Large 5000k Lumber
Hurling Stones:
Small 10k Stones
Medium 100k Stones
Large 2000k Stones
Huge 10000k Stones
Mighty Rage:
Small 10k Might
Medium 100k Might
Large 5000k Might
Huge 10000k Might
Lumber salvo Hurling Stones Mighty Rage

Catapult Damage

Only Lumber Salvo and Hurling Stones do damage to an enemy city. The damage depends on the size of the Catapult attack.

Attack Size Lumber Stone Might
Small 2200 2400 -
Medium 7000 9000 -
Large 50000 30000 -
Huge - 75000 -

Mighty Rage

Mighty Rage doesn't do damage to cities, instead in buff up your mercenaries stats temporarily depending on the attack size.

Size Movement Speed Damage Reduction Might Cost Duration
Small 120% 20% 10k 10 seconds
Medium 140% 40% 100k 15 seconds
Large 180% 70% 5000k 30 seconds
Huge 200% 90% 10000k 32 seconds

Mighty Rage Explained

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - Mighty Rage Explained

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - Mighty Rage Explained

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