Friend Watch Post

"Why not let your allies manage your defense? Invite them to send you some defensive Mercs!"

The Friend Watch Post works exactly the same as the Watch Post the only difference is that you can't fill it up yourself. Only your friends can send you troops to fill this Friend Watch Post. Just like the Watch Post you can't send Gentle Healer and Hezarfen to the Friend Watch Post.

Level Lumber Cost Stone Cost Might Cost Iron Cost Gold Cost Req. CC Lvl Health Range Barracks Space Build Time
1 250k 187500 62500 - 214 4 10000 300 380 6h
2 1000k 1000k 500k - 360 5 24500 350 450 12h
3 2000k 2000k 1000k - 487 6 52000 400 540 1d
4 4000k 4000k 2000k - 662 7 75000 450 660 2d

How to send mercenaries to your friends

When you are going to visit your friends to help them or to simply collect Recon Points, or you want to send your friend a gift, you can also "Support" your friends. When you click on support you will be able to send mercenaries to your friend's Friend Watch Post.