A little curiosity and some lucky engineering feat granted this Ottoman the extraordinary ability of flight! He likes to drop death from above - thanks to his timed bombs. His agility give him an immunity to ground fire, and makes him a very deadly weapon for unprepared defenses and cities.

War of Mercenaries flying ottoman final

Name: Hezarfen
Unit Type: Air
Attacks: Air-Ranged
Favourite Target: Anything
Prerequisite: Recruitment Chamber Lv4
Recruitment Time: 2d 14h
Recruitment Cost (Might): 4096000

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Speed 2.5 2.75 3 3.25 3.5 3.5
Health 1600 1900 2400 3000 3600 4200
Damage 300 350 400 500 600 700
Hiring Iron Cost 70000 95000 145000 200000 300000 400000
Hiring Time (s) 1800 1920 2040 2160 2280 2400
Barrack Space 70 70 70 70 70 70
Training Cost (Might) N/A 4096k 70000k 100000k 16000k 24000k
Training TIme N/A N/A 1d12h 2d6h 3d8h 5d16h 7d12h
Req. Training Chamber Lvl. N/A 1 2 3 4 5


Extra Information

The Hezarfen is a flying mercenary and can be only damaged by Archer's Tower,Gatling Arrow Tower,Sky Tower and Fire Traps. Unlike ground mercenaries that can be damaged by all towers except the Sky Tower. Air attacks (22 Hezarfens, 3 Gentle Healer and Dragonfly) are extremely strong in mid levels to endgame and are rarely countered unless the city has a very good defense and design.

Hezarfen can't be send to Watch Post or Friend Watch Post, flying mercenaries are not able to be send to these defensive buildings.

Hezarfen can be sent to the Alliance Barracks, this was added in the 16-08-2013 update.

Basic air attack

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - Basic Air Attacks

War of Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Group - Basic Air Attacks