House of Brotherhood

"House of Brotherhood is the center of your Alliance. It is required for creating and joining Alliances. You can browse through Alliance, view their members and see the members various statistics."

This is the place where you and your friends or other strong players can create an Alliance and join forces. Create your Alliance and fight for the number one spot against all the others. Creating an Alliance will cost 50 Gold Coins and can have a maximum of 50 members. To climb the ladders of the Alliance rankings your Alliance must gain Contribution Points (CP), this is 50% of the Battle Points (BP) gained by a player while being in an Alliance. If a member leaves an alliance this member will have to wait 30 days before he/she will be able to join the alliance back again.

Level Lumber Cost Stone Cost Might Cost Iron Cost Gold Cost Req CC Lvl Health Build Time
1 2000 2000 - - 17 3 1000 5m
2 50000 50000 - - 93 4 3000 2h
3 1000000 1000000 500000 - 433 5 6000 1d


House of Brotherhood level 1: House of Brotherhood level 2: House of Brotherhood level 3:
- Browsing Alliances. (joined / not joined)
- View specific info about the Alliances, such as rankings, member count, leader, points.(once joined)
- Chatting in Alliance Chat tab, which will be available next to the general Chat window. (once joined)
- Seeing the Alliance Enemies in the list view and map view , Alliance Enemies are players who frequently attack players in your Alliance. Alliance enemies will be marked with a distinct red background.
- Retaliating against Alliance Enemies. (Anybody in your Alliance, withing the level range can attack enemies.)

- Create Alliance option.

- Create Alliance Barracks option.



Alliances gives War of Mercenaries a whole new dimension in game play. Where you can team up with friends or other strong players and aim to be the number one alliance in War of Mercenaries.


Top alliances are the alliances with most players with the highest Battle Points (and Contribution Points).


Alliances can also compete at the same time for the Alliance Tournament and try to gain nice gold prizes and decorations.


Alliance Enemies

Once in an alliance if any player attacks you, this players instantly becomes an alliance enemy and all alliance members within attack range will be able to attack this alliance enemy. This counts the same if you attack another alliance member you instantly become an alliance enemy and all enemy alliance members will be able to attack you.



With the 20.09.2013 Update the following was changed to the CP system.

The new alliance contribution rules are the following:
1- CP will be reduced to 50% of the current BP for all players if it is already more than 50%. (dropping all exploiters back down)
2- Your BP has to be at least double your CP to be able to contribute again to your alliance. (makes it impossible to have more CP than BP)
New Contribution Rules

In the 2014-08-04 update, the House of Brotherhood UI was updated for the introduction of the Alliance Tournament. Source:Update Alliance Tournaments