Plague Warriors.

WoM's first full scale event Plague Warriors!


Travelers speak of villages being abandoned, merchant parties disappearing without a trace and seers speaking of ill events. Sire a grave danger is approaching, we must keep our armies ready.


Plague Warriors have arrived leaving nothing but desolation in their wake. Fight them well and earn Event Points to buy special combat assets: Samurai Warriors, Acid Rain and Siege Tower!"



Acid Rain Siege Tower Samurai Team
Acid Rain

is a new catapult type attack. Does damage over time to mercenaries and beasts on a wide area.

Siege Tower

is the first tower that can be used offensively. You can deploy this tower in a battle, just like you would like when you are building a normal tower. This tower does massive aoe damage.

The Samurai Team is the first mercenary type that can be deployed as a group of 12. Unlike the other mercenaries they don't take up barrack space.

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Official Video

War of Mercenaries - NEW EVENT Plague Warriors

War of Mercenaries - NEW EVENT Plague Warriors

Plague Warriors event became a repetitive event that happens occasionally. Mostly as a filler event so new players can gain Event Points to unlock Blacksmith items"