WoM's new full scale event Rebels!

Rebels 5

Sire, our Mercenaries are disappearing from our camps each night! Fellow lords report the same! Something is going amiss!

Rebels 1 Sire, the deserters gathered together and even formed armies! They say these rebels guard a new magic, defeat them to gain access to this power!
Rebels 2

To be victorious, make the following:

Click the War icon the enter the War Room.

Either find Pumpkin Warriors' Bases from the List or World Map.

Destroy their City Centers to gain Event Points, gather as much Event Points as possible.

The higher level Clans you defeat the more Event Points you get.

At the end of the Event, spend your Event Points in the Event Store, which will be available for one week.

Build a Blacksmith to prepare unlocked Rewards at the Blacksmith.

Rebels 4


Heal Aura

Heal aura for your injured units. Useful when your mercenaries are under heavy attack.