In the 12.0.2013 Update a new feature called the Tavern was introduced. There you can win resources, mercenaries, gold and more by spinning the wheel. You have 1 free spin per day and you can spin more by paying the gold cost.

When you collect the predefined 6 items, the new beast Wom-Kong will be unlocked in your Beast Keeper and you will be able to train and use it like the other beasts.

Wom-Kong is a powerful beast which can attack both ground and air targets from a distance and dealing massive splash damage. It will greatly boost your attacks and defenses.

The Tavern is pretty simple, there is this wheel which you can spin and you will always win something useful. You have a daily free spin and you can pay 50 gold coins for every extra spin.

While you are winning a daily free item you are also making chance to collect the 6 necessary items needed to unlock the Wom-Kong.

There are 4 different drop rates:

Common Higher drop rate, easy to win. Iron/might/stone/lumber packs, 80 RP, 20 Bedouin Brutes, Free Spin.
Uncommon Low drop rate, hard to win. Huge iron/might/stone/lumber packs, 8 Nubian Guards, 75 Gold.
Rare Very low drop rate, very hard to win. 1 Gentle Healer, 2 Rock'n Gauls.
Very Rare Extremely low drop rate, extremely hard to win. 500 Gold

To win Wom-Kong you need the following items:

2 Common:

80 RP

20 Bedouin Brutes

2 Uncommon:

Huge Iron

Huge Lumber

2 Rare:

1 Gentle Healer

2 Rock'n Gaul

Update: The chances to win the rare items have been drastically increased.


New Beast Wom Kong

New Beast Wom Kong