An attack with some units on RAGING BULL

This is an attack on raging bull. 


We need to attack other players because this game is based on attacking only (attacking units are more powerfull than any defence). ​

War StratergiesEdit

  1. If you are on level 20-24 you can use this method to destroy somebody.
  2. Deploy 26-35 nubians on something strong like gattling tower or bombard towers (first destroy all bombard towers) then deploy some 10-20 persian hassains on the bombard tower or the gattling tower. Then deploy 20 brutes to fully destroy him. For tight defences, deploy hurling stones and lumber salvo of 10k each.
  3.  If you are on level 25-30 (you must have beast cave from these level). You must train BEARWOLF on this level because it is very powerfull and is more efficient. Deploy it on the most powerfull tower there and then deploy 20 nubians and 20 brutes to help them.