Attack StrategyEdit


When you are going to war, you should prepare yourself by gaining useful information about your enemy. First take a look at the opponents city and look for the following things. You can also use the Spy feature to gain extra information.

  • Sky Towers
  • Watch Posts
  • Defending beast
  • Beast Cannon

    First try to destroy the Sky Towers because these are the only towers that will target and kill your Gentle Healers. It commonly known that as soon as all healers are dead you will lose your battle.

    Watch PostsEdit

    How to deal with Watch Posts, you have few options

  • Attack using only flying units (Dragonfly, Gentle Healer, Hezarfen), these units will not be attacked by Watch Post mercenaries.
  • Catapult and destroy the Watch Posts that are an immediate threat.
  • Use Bedouin Brute or Janissary to lure out Khamikazeeout of the Watch Post and let the Khamikazee explode on these cheap mercenaries.
  • Use Siege Tower to destroy Watch Posts
  • Use Acid Tower or Acid Rain to destroy the mercenaries in the Watch Posts.