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Background Story

Following ages of expansion, greed, cunning and lust for power, the war of all wars came to the land: Civilization came to a stop, raids and destruction overtook regular lives. Many men fled from bloody battlefields masterless; many armies scattered to the four corners of the Earth. Kingdoms and empires dissolved, only to give way to smaller and ruthless powers and struggles. The remnants of the imperial army forces were left purposeless, hiring their prowess to the best bidder. With imperial and royal lines extinct, it is the turn of Warlords seeking to control the realm!

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No longer noble birthright alone shall claim a throne; no longer divine will guides the masses for a king... It is the strength of arms, of united valor, and of hired loyalty that will carry you high among the rabble. There is no place left for petty squabbles in this world; there is only what you have, what you claim, and those Mercenaries who will serve under your banner... for a fee. With kings dead, it is your turn to seize the world by the throat and take what you will as you carve your name into a bloody new era of Mercenaries.

War of Mercenaries - Strategy Game Trailer-0

War of Mercenaries - Strategy Game Trailer-0


These are the mercenaries which used in War of Mercenaries, These units can be recruited at the Recruitment Chamber and hired at Hiring Quarters or the Central Hiring , The Mercenaries can also be trained (upgraded) at the Training Chambers, Also when you want to hire mercenaries you need at least one Mercenary Barracks to keep them in..

For more in-depth strategy purposes mercenaries do not come back to you Mercenary Barracks after combat, they can only be used 1 time in one battle even if they survive the battle. These are mercenaries and not your personal army keep that idea in mind.

Bruteminisquare Janiminisquare Riderminisquare Hashishminisquare Khamiminisquare
Bedouin Brute Janissary Night Rider Persian Hashishin Khamikazee
Nubminisquare Ravminisquare PainminiSquare Sneakminisquare Mongominisquare
Nubian Guard Ravager Painblower Sneak Peak Mongolian Gargantuan
Pharominisquare HealminiSquare Sapminisquare Hezaminisquare RNGminisquare
Pharaoh Warrior Gentle Healer Persian Sapper Hezarfen Rock'n Gaul

Mercenary Types:

There are 5 types of mercenaries in the game, each type fullfills a certain type of role in the game and excels at doing these roles.

The main roles are:

Tower Destroyers/ Tanks - Looters - Damage Dealers - Healer - Wall Destroyers/ Bombers


Beasts are the real game changers because of their high health and damage. When you build the Beast Cave you can select 1 beast. When you build the Beast Keeper you will be able to select and raise the other beasts. You can command one beast at the time, but you can change between them in the Beast Keeper . You can raise your beast up to level 6 by training it daily.
Only the Wom-Kong needs to be unlocked differently.

DragonSquare BearSquare



MigthoSquare KongSquare



Events and Event Items

War of Mercenaries has in-game events some are seasonal and some are random. Most events have a Blacksmith item that can be unlocked at the end.

Events Event Items
Plaguewarriors8 Blacksmithsquare

Other Characters

There are other important characters in the game, that are often forgotten.

WorkerSquareWorkers ClementSquareClementine ThorzianSquareThorzain

Extra Information


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